Powerflex Gearbox Top Mount Insert Black Mk2 RS/ST

Powerflex Gearbox Top Mount Insert Black Mk2 RS/ST

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This part fits as an insert for the Gearbox Mount. The rubber on the original mounts degrades and soften with time resulting in excessive engine and gearbox movement. This insert is developed to fit in and around the voided sections of the original rubber mounts to restrict movement at higher torque levels. This provides a cost-effective way of improving engine stability, gear shifting, power delivery, and vehicle handling without the increased NVH associated with more expensive full replacement aftermarket engine mounts.

Please note that this product is designed to compliment a good condition standard mount and not to repair one that has failed. We would recommend fitting with a new or recent standard mount for the best results. It is also available as a package with a new standard mount.

Black Series Products are designed for track use and will add some vibration compared to Yellow Series.

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