Hardrace Uprated Gearbox Torque Mount ST225

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Uprated harden rubber gearbox torque mount. This replaces the standard mount which is very soft rubber. The harden rubber is uprated so giving better control of the engine movement while still absorbing vibration. Best fitted as a set with the right hand engine/transmission mount and the  left hand engine/transmission mount.

Hardrace Engine Mounts

The Hardrace engine and gearbox mounts are designed to reduce engine and gearbox movement to an absolute minimum whilst still isolating the cabin from excessive noise and vibration. Although they are not as stiff as some rigid mounts they are more than good enough for the vast majority of road and race cars in eliminating drivetrain shunt.

Also available with an uprated small bush in either Purple (fast road) or Black (track) versions.

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Selection: Hardrace Uprated Gearbox Torque Mount ST225

Product no. bush Price
HRGTMST225-0001 Mount Only £105.00 *
HRGTMST225-0002 Mount with Purple (fast road) Small Bush £130.00 *
HRGTMST225-0003 Mount with Black (track) Small Bush £133.00 *
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